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Health & Safety Representative WHS-HSR-NCB01

A Health and Safety Representative (HSR) is the person elected by members of a work group within a business, or across a number of businesses to represent that work group during consultation on work health and safety issues.

The functions of HSRs include that they:

  • Represent workers in relation to work health and safety
  • Monitor the measures taken by the business to meet their duties
  • Investigate complaints from members of the work group
  • Inquire into risk to the health and safety of relevant workers

Additional powers and function include (where trained to do so):

  • Directing unsafe work to cease under certain circumstances
  • Issuing of provisional improvement notices under certain circumstances

HSR Training Course Content

This course is comprised of five (5) elements:

  • Work, Health and Safety framework
  • Consultation, Representation and Participation
  • Issue Resolution, Support for HSRs and Managing Risks
  • Inspections, Notifiable Incidents and Incident Investigation
  • Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) and directing unsafe work to cease

Course Delivery Method

Face-to-Face five (5) days:  This course is conducted Monday to Friday commencing at 8.30am and runs for approximately seven (7) hours each day. This course is non-competency based and has no formal assessment. The cost of this course is currently $735.

One day refresher training face-to-face - approx seven (7) hours:  A health and safety representative is entitled to attend one day refresher training each year, with the entitlement to the first refresher training commencing one (1)  year after the initial training.  For group and on-site bookings only - please contact our office for more information.

UNIQUE STUDENT IDENTIFIER:   Each participant enrolling in a course will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number to obtain their certificate or qualification when studying nationally recognised training in Australia.  A USI gives you access to your online USI account which will help keep all your training records together. Certificates and Statements of Attainment cannot be issued without this number.   If you don't already have an USI number please click here to apply.






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